Are You Captive to Clutter?

Here’s my recipe for getting a grip on your chaos-driven, clutter-filled life.

Are There Any Advantages to Being Disorganized?

Sure there are. Here are three advantages to being disorganized, with a fourth possibility to consider.

How to Shoot a Texas-Size Panorama

When you encounter an interior that is as impressive as the Texas State Capitol's dome, you'll need to shoot like a Texan.

Time to Tap the Keys

Ready to write? Gonna tap the keys? Before you do, take a look at how it's done.

Tapping Into The Power of Power Lines

Yes, you can turn on the power by making power lines into a powerful element in your photographs.

Knowing When to Stop

Having a framework for writing is almost as important as the writing itself. We can learn from the writing rituals of the great ones.

Count the Condos and the Cranes

Get a panoramic view of Austin's condos and cranes by kayak, from the center of Lady Bird Lake.

How to Create Just to Create

Just create to create: It sounds so easy! But what if you can't get in the flow? Here are seven tricks to inspire you.

Blogging Rocked My World—And Showed Me the Greater Good

Unexpectedly, my newfound blogging habit pushed me into more positive territory than the morning news ever could.

The State of The Arch: Printed or Painted

Calling all readers: Help make the choice between the painted arch and the photographed arch.

How Creative Thinking Improves Quality of Life

Life's difficult issues are often the smallest, yet the most exasperating. Solutions to improve quality of life just need creative thinking.

Where You Can Become Immersed in Texture

A photo essay shows the visual feast of texture and color that's ripe for photo immersion across the border.

Death Becomes Us . . . on Social Media

It's never too late to wake up and smell the wildflowers on social media, even on your deathbed.

When Time Stopped in Izamal

The story is told in pictures of an all-yellow city in Mexico's Yucatan that takes you back into a mysterious past.

There Is Truth In What You Paint: Yours

Perfection isn’t what painting is about. It’s about finding your truth, and you can remain committed to that by letting go of art fear.

You Say You Want an Evolution?

The evolution of Austin, Texas has been swift. Or has it been a revolution?

Confined and Defined by Daily Rituals

Isn't everyone confined, and defined, by daily rituals? Consider the lobstermen. And the lobsters they trap.

Why The Fear of Ruining Your Art Will Ruin Your Art

The desire to make your painting perfect, and the fear of ruining it, will always lead to painting doom. But there are ways to overcome art fear.

It’s Useless to Resist These Relics. And Why Would You?

With a bit of exploring and imagination, you can uncover something of the history of these deco relics.

Collecting Eye Candy for Inspiration—and Fun

Collecting eye candy is a snap for most visual types. And it’s a harmless way to find inspiration for your own work.

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