A Lesson In Perspective

Some lessons apply equally well to photography and to life.

Four Things I Learned About Change From The iPhone 6s

Besides being inevitable, there's a lot to learn, and like, about the changes to the newest iPhone.

An Austin Tradition Arrives Home

Cherishing our beloved Austin, Texas landmarks: How Vanishing Austin moves on and lands at its true home, here.

Welcome to Austin, all ye visitors to SXSW. You're gonna love Austin. We all do. You're about to find out why Austin, Texas makes every Top Ten list anyone ever thought of.

It’s time for end-of-year portfolio assessments. First up: the giant wrecking ball that’s been tormenting Austin.

What kind of city will Austin be?

The question that emerged from the Vanishing Austin interview on KOOP 91.7 FM today was, what kind of city will Austin be? Will we become another Dallas (as some fear); will we allow development to overtake our historic fabric, in effect, stealing our spirit (much as some Native Americans feel about photographic images made of them)?... Continue Reading →

On the heels of the closing of the Cactus Cafe

We're still reeling from the news that the Cactus Cafe is closing, and now this: Preservation Texas announces that Austin's entire downtown is endangered. Fans of Vanishing Austin have long suspected this. I've been documenting change in Austin since arriving here in 2004 with my on-going photography series, Vanishing Austin. The announcement that an entire... Continue Reading →

Austin’s recent newcomers come not to change it, but to join it

The Austin-American Statesman's Michael Barnes is out and about Austin alot (as implied by his column's name) and has been for a long while--a point he makes eloquently in a 3-part blog series as he examines the three phases of Austin's development with an all-inclusive approach to change in our city, and an optimistic conclusion... Continue Reading →

What’s Vanishing Next?

At a much-loved Austin coffee shop on West 6th Street in Clarksville, a young man behind the counter handed me my biscotti, looking on in astonishment at my Vanishing Austin series. "All these places are gone??" he asked, seeming a bit dumbfounded. "No no no," I told him hastily. "This series of photographs is my... Continue Reading →

Is Your Austin Vanishing?

Soon a bland corporate hotel chain revered the world over for its predictability will stand in place of this textural, colorfully cheeky block of individuality, replacing the contrasts of angles and styles and skies that exist now along Congress and 2nd. A corporate logo stamped on countless buildings will take the place of the gaudy... Continue Reading →

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