Turning Silver at the Saxon

How does a beloved Austin music icon thrive for 25 years in a city on growth steroids?

Back By Popular Demand

Backed by a new band, The Towering Cranes, Austin's most beloved icon appears daily on the shore of Lady Bird Lake.

Landmarks We Have Loved and Lost

Take a tour of the Austin landmarks we've loved and lost (but not forgotten).

Thriving in Austin Requires Dogged Endurance

Surviving as a local landmark in a city where development is on steroids takes a special quality.

Count the Condos and the Cranes

Get a panoramic view of Austin's condos and cranes by kayak, from the center of Lady Bird Lake.

You Say You Want an Evolution?

The evolution of Austin, Texas has been swift. Or has it been a revolution?

An Austin Tradition Arrives Home

Cherishing our beloved Austin, Texas landmarks: How Vanishing Austin moves on and lands at its true home, here.

The Broken Spoke, one of the definitive Texas dance halls, is disguised in a rustic dark red building on South Lamar and now completely enveloped by new upscale development.

It’s time for end-of-year portfolio assessments. First up: the giant wrecking ball that’s been tormenting Austin.

Yes, it does. As noted in What's Vanished Since 2004, some of Austin's best treasures have gone missing since I began my Vanishing Austin photo series that spring. It was Las Manitas on Congress Avenue that vanished in a truly public way, and marked the first time Austin's sleepy citizens roused themselves to fight a corporate invasion that... Continue Reading →

What’s Vanished Since 2004?

A lot of Austin has gone missing since I began my Vanishing Austin photo series in the spring of 2004. For one reason or another—losing their leases, making way for condos, hotels, chains and new buildings, relocating for cheaper rents, gentrification, new urbanism trends, losing a long-time customer base, or owners just being plain tired... Continue Reading →

Endangered Species of Austin unveiled on KXAN

KXAN's Josh Hinkle focused on Capitol Saddlery's oversize boot to showcase my new poster debut, Endangered Species of Austin, drawn from my Vanishing Austin series, in his on-air piece, and an online story that aired in conjunction with the poster-signing reception hosted by Austin FastFrame. ♣ See all 99+ photographs from the Vanishing Austin series HERE, and shop for the Endangered Species of Austin... Continue Reading →

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