Three Surprising Sources for Writers ISO Ideas

Inspiration strikes in strange and unexpected ways. But when it doesn't strike, there are some tricks to juice it along.

Three Things Scrivener Can Do You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

There are a few things Scrivener can do that you probably can't do without. Once you know what they are.

Seven Ways Writers Can Play ‘What If?’ To Get Inspired

When inspiration doesn't flow, I play the 'What If?' game in seven idea-stoking ways.

Why Kill Two Birds With One Stone?

You can express yourself much more elegantly, and much less violently, with some alternatives to an antiquated idiom.

Where Do Ideas Come From? Crazy Places

Inspiration and creativity may not be as mysterious as the experts would have us think.

Yes, Ideas Flow from Life—And Also from Inspirational Aids

There’s no doubt that some of our best ideas come when we’re away from the office, in the flow of life. But when we’re stuck at our desks, there are aids to help the flow.

When in Doubt, I Hit the Road

When you're in a creative drought, just hit the road. Literally or virtually, you can juice your creative flow and find new ways of looking at old things.

What Ideas Have In Common With Bunnies

Ideas are like rabbits, said John Steinbeck. May you have many. Happy Easter.

Yummy Enough to Eat, But Far Better to Collect

Artist Lynn Bridge creates mosaic plates in her Austin, Texas studio, complete with eating utensils. But you don't eat the food on these plates, because they're collectible art.

Attention Small Brands, You Can’t Waste Time on Facebook Anymore

It's time for brands to quit wasting time on Facebook. Its familiarity is comforting, but the results for brands are not. What to do instead?

Where Inspiration Comes From

There's no need to make the creative process into a big mystery to outsiders, or even yourself. It all comes from your influences.

Why It’s Called Social Sharing

You won’t be noticed, much less discovered—there is too much competition from the entire global community for your one little drop in the big web bucket to get found. Instead, start local, where your roots are.

#Creativity: It’s a Wrap | Creative Blocks

When creative blocks strike, and they will, you can relax, strategize, think and deal with these insights and ideas from creativity gurus.

#Creativity: It’s a Wrap | On Balance

Among the most thought-provoking pieces I discovered for the new feature I'm debuting today, #Creativity: It's a Wrap, are those that take aim at finding balance.

How I Became An Unintentional Publisher

Being a publisher lets me do what I love to do: write, paint, photograph, read, design, learn, share, repeat.

How to Jumpstart Your Creative Mojo

Creatives have to conserve energy every now and then, or risk total creative meltdown. If you're facing a creative sinking spell, here's how to take a big time out.

Creativity comes with practice–daily. It's easy to join the club, but it takes effort to stay in the game.

It’s Monday. Are You Inspired Yet?

Ideas in my blog's Drafts folder are growing mold, since the shiny newest thing is always most appealing. But on Mondays, who feels inspired to start something new? Here are some sources of inspiration for starting something new. Or for just polishing off those moldy old rough drafts: 1. 15 Ways to Rediscover Your Inspiration, from... Continue Reading →

On Art + Magic

“It is the function of art to renew our perception. What we are familiar with we cease to see. The writer shakes up the familiar scene, and, as if by magic, we see a new meaning in it.” ― Anaïs Nin  Right, Anaïs Nin circa 1920; Wikipedia  When is the last time you saw magic in... Continue Reading →

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