Creativity Works…When You Work It

If you're a creative type, you already know this. But who doesn't need this reminder, every now and then?

A Closed Door Is An Invitation

I won't let a closed door hinder me. I'll take aim for a photo opp instead.

Requirements for Writing Fiction

Required prerequisite for fiction writers: Embrace your dual gifts.

45 Quotes to Inspire You

No sense flailing around in a creative vacuum. You can't wait for inspiration—find some here.

Composition by the Rules

There are rules to be followed, and there are rules to learn and reject.

Where Do Ideas Come From? Crazy Places

Inspiration and creativity may not be as mysterious as the experts would have us think.

Here’s a Secret About Photographs

What can we learn from photographs about the secrets they are hiding?

Knowing When to Stop

Having a framework for writing is almost as important as the writing itself. We can learn from the writing rituals of the great ones.

Nature Is Imagination Itself

How do you see nature? Is it, as William Blake said, imagination itself? That's what trees are for me.

City Reflections, Upsidedown and Wet

It's not easy to grasp the meaning in every reflection. Recognize this one?

Mirror Images

Take time for a series of mirror images from quiet waters with reflective quotes to accompany them.

Focus Only on What You Are Writing Now

Follow the 11 Commandments of Writing and Daily Creative Routine, according to Henry Miller, in 1932.

Creativity: The Powerful Drug

Creativity is the one drug, when over-used, that has never caused any harmful side effects. But it has always improved quality of life.

Finding Zen in the Wild

When life becomes too frantic, we can take a lesson from nature's humblest creatures to find stillness in the wild.

Art + Visibility

A single quote sums up what art does, and does not do, from a master of visibility: Paul Klee.

What Remains

For inspiration, all you need is patience to see what remains.

Use All The Colors

As a writer, words are your paint. Here's a quote from Rhys Alexander to remind you to use all the colors.

What Ideas Have In Common With Bunnies

Ideas are like rabbits, said John Steinbeck. May you have many. Happy Easter.

Have You Ever Been Possessed?

Bauhaus artist Paul Klee found himself possessed by color after an influential trip to Tunisia. But time spent in Italy informed his art as well.

Are you at your desk, in front of your laptop? Are you at your easel, in front of your canvas? Great. If an idea comes, you'll be ready for it.

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