When the Nighttime Is the Right Time

There are times when neon signs make nighttime the right time for a memorable photograph.

Walk Back to Weird at Wiggy’s

Walk or Don't Walk, it's up to you at Wiggy's I have long been fascinated by juxtapositions. In fact I've tried to build my entire Vanishing Austin photography series around them, and this one always grabs me as I look towards downtown in the early evening. Despite the other towers rising all around and high... Continue Reading →

Blue is the color of summer in Austin. Blue skies. Blue pools. Blue lakes. Blue neon. Blue tattoos. Blue is happy. Blue is what I see every time I go out with my camera in Austin. If you love blue and live in Austin, you're in luck. Austin has a lot of Blues: True Blue Tattoos  (above,... Continue Reading →

What’s Vanished Since 2004?

A lot of Austin has gone missing since I began my Vanishing Austin photo series in the spring of 2004. For one reason or another—losing their leases, making way for condos, hotels, chains and new buildings, relocating for cheaper rents, gentrification, new urbanism trends, losing a long-time customer base, or owners just being plain tired... Continue Reading →

Time Traveling

Time travel right from your own iPad, your desktop or your car. Just get there when you can.

Sign of the Thaimes? Neon green picnic tables and a fallen Coat & Thai sign are all that remains of a once bustling food trailer court in the heart of the South Congress action. Next up: a new hotel. Of course.  ♣ Shop with PayPal: Among the nearly 100 photographs in my ongoing Vanishing Austin series are many survivors. Admire their... Continue Reading →

Movin’ On—Carefully

How do you move a neon sign? Especially one that's achieved icon status in Austin? As it turns out, very carefully. When the Night Hawk Frisco Shop moved from its original Austin location at Burnet Road and Koenig Lane to new digs a bit south on Burnet Road, of course its original neon had to... Continue Reading →

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