What It’s Like

You may be possessed by your paints, or smitten with your characters, but life goes on.

How Do You Start What You’re Afraid To?

If you're struggling to get started on your creative passion, you can start where you left off.

There Is Truth In What You Paint: Yours

Perfection isn’t what painting is about. It’s about finding your truth, and you can remain committed to that by letting go of art fear.

Why The Fear of Ruining Your Art Will Ruin Your Art

The desire to make your painting perfect, and the fear of ruining it, will always lead to painting doom. But there are ways to overcome art fear.

Use All The Colors

As a writer, words are your paint. Here's a quote from Rhys Alexander to remind you to use all the colors.

Why Making Art Is Messy

Making art is messy for a reason. It's to remind us that we won't ever get it just right, or even close to perfect.

How to Deal With the Loneliness of Creativity

"Creativity is Essentially a Lonely Art . . . An Even Lonelier Struggle" - Lou Dorfsman

Painting Trees: Only the Loneliest Need Apply

The loneliest trees are the worthiest of painting, for the order they bring to disorder; for their steady, uncomplaining winter ritual; for their slow, patient growth.

It's often hard for a painter to know when to quit. I'm facing that question today, with the painting I began yesterday. Is it finished? Is there something more to add? And the bubbling undercurrent, always . . .  If I keep painting, will I ruin it? Ahhh, that fear of "ruining it." The words spoken by... Continue Reading →

It Was Beautiful That Afternoon

A summer cycling trip through Idaho, approaching the Grand Tetons, led to a beautiful afternoon, and later became inspiration for a painting. Related articles Grand Teton, wonder and frustration (nomad-dream.org) Fine Art Photographs and Paintings by Jann Alexander (austindetailsart.com)

Time for Some Wine with Art

Wine seems to be a favorite of many artists and photographers (whether using it for subject matter, or using it to inspire subject matter). If you read my July 16 post, "Have Some Art with That Wine?" you probably noticed some comments about wine's amazing powers to make creativity flow. "Wine and art are just... Continue Reading →

Share Some Art That Goes With Wine

Wine seems to be a favorite of many artists and photographers (whether using it for subject matter, or using it to inspire subject matter). So I'll do a followup to my "Have Some Art with That Wine?" post, during the week of July 28. I'll share art and stories from others who have painted or... Continue Reading →

Have Some Art with That Wine?

Painters and photographers alike have long been smitten with wine as subject and muse.

What’s True

As a child, I was either reading, writing or drawing (or some combination thereof), which is what I still mostly do today. In fact, I made a career of combining these passions—creating and designing magazines, publications, ads, websites, exhibits; writing headlines, blogs, marketing content; now adding photography and painting to the mix, and working on... Continue Reading →

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