How To Frame A Photo For Effect

There's more than one way to frame a photo.

While We’re On The Subject Of Details…

Your camera must always be ready to take in what your eyes can't. But since it helps to be ready at the right time, here are three tips.

What To Do When The Details Surround You

If you believe, as I do, that life is lived in the details, your camera must always be ready to take in what you can't.

A Lesson In Perspective

Some lessons apply equally well to photography and to life.

In A Wine State Of Mind

On a Friday evening, there's one ritual that's worth a thousand words, when pictured.

Four Things I Learned About Change From The iPhone 6s

Besides being inevitable, there's a lot to learn, and like, about the changes to the newest iPhone.

Where You Focus Is Where You’ll Go

In photography, as in life, where you focus demonstrates your vision. Here's how to show it in your photos.

Marking the Memory

Not every photograph can be a masterpiece. Sometimes marking the memory is enough.

Summon the Power of the Blur

With just one tap of your finger, your iPhone photography takes focusing to the next level—near, or far.

Try This One Weird Trick to Improve Your Friends’ Photography

With just one weird trick, you can improve the photographic skills of your friends.

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