Into the Depths and Beyond

You can't go much deeper than the magical Sacred Blue Cenote in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula.

A Collection of Distortions

Does your preference for distorted reflections indicate something about your personality? Maybe.

A Collection of Reflections

Sometimes I prefer my reflections to be crystal clear, sometimes not. Today they're mirror images.

Count the Condos and the Cranes

Get a panoramic view of Austin's condos and cranes by kayak, from the center of Lady Bird Lake.

City Reflections, Upsidedown and Wet

It's not easy to grasp the meaning in every reflection. Recognize this one?

Mirror Images

Take time for a series of mirror images from quiet waters with reflective quotes to accompany them.

Timing Is Everything

You and your camera are a team, with a few simple tricks of good timing.

Watering the Desert: Reflections as Distortions

Reflections of the vast brown Chihuahuan desert that surrounds a vivid green church in a tiny Mexican village are distorted by more than sundown.

Reflections: Like a Mirror Unto the Soul

Reflections are easily found in nature. Reflections upon oneself, within one's soul: not so easily found, nor done.

Cause and Effect in Two Photos

Cause and Effect in Two Colorful Photos.

Reflections on Making a Mark

.    .    . There's a complex explanation in physics for reflection. Reflection is defined as "the change in direction of a wavefront at an interface between two different media so that the wavefront returns into the medium from which it originated. Common examples include the reflection of light, sound and water waves. The law of reflection says that for specular reflection the angle at which the wave... Continue Reading →

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