The Broken Spoke, one of the definitive Texas dance halls, is disguised in a rustic dark red building on South Lamar and now completely enveloped by new upscale development.

Blessings for The Man in Black

A broken-down bus that long lived at Austin's famous honky-tonk shows some respect for the Man in Black. The missing 1948 Flxible Clipper bus that once lent its retro funk to Austin's best-known dance hall, the Broken Spoke, made an unannounced road trip last spring to Adkins, Texas and ended up parked at Texas Pride Barbecue. Seems... Continue Reading →

In 2004, there was architectural eye candy everywhere you looked in Austin.

Where the Elite Eat in Waco

What could be tastier on Mondays than 2 for 1 Burgers at The Elite Cafe in Waco, Texas? Serving an elite road food clientele, including Private Elvis Presley, along the Waco Circle since 1941.

When Austin's Americana Theatre held its gala opening in 1965 with a premiere of The Rounders, starring Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda as aging cowboys, its builder pitched his single-screen theater as “The Showcase of Austin, featuring beautiful lobby, AirFlo rocking chair loge seats, and exotic ladies’ lounge.” Its movie lifespan was short: it closed in... Continue Reading →

Getting My Weekly Wacky Fix

As a self-defined seeker of the wacky, I've cultivated a number sources I follow online to get my Weekly Wacky Fix. These are some of the more creative bits I've read this week, many of which I round up every Friday in Time Traveling. The current buzz term for this is content curation, so that... Continue Reading →

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