Do Bad Things Always Come In Threes?

Here's evidence that good things come in threes, too.

That’s What I Like About Texas

When you get off the beaten path, Texas shows you its hidden treasures.

Inspired By What’s On The Way

There are discoveries to be made on the way to any destination, if you're on the lookout.

Miles Upon Miles of Motel Doors

A road trip across the West in 1980 turned up lots of memorable motel doors, among many other finds.

When the Nighttime Is the Right Time

There are times when neon signs make nighttime the right time for a memorable photograph.

Finding My First Sweet True Love

For me, reading, writing, photography and painting are all intertwined like a tangle of sticky spaghetti.

When in Doubt, I Hit the Road

When you're in a creative drought, just hit the road. Literally or virtually, you can juice your creative flow and find new ways of looking at old things.

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