"Remember the Alamo!" If you're leading a charge against a conquering army with but a ragtag rebel force, you can rally your troops with this trusty, time-tested cry. Remember the Alamo? Not the one that began its life in San Antonio, Texas, and was made famous by a battle on this day in 1836, but the... Continue Reading →

It’s time for end-of-year portfolio assessments. First up: the giant wrecking ball that’s been tormenting Austin.

How Does Austin Beat the Heat?

Sunny and 102°?!  How to Beat the Heat? How else—with frog legs, fried pies and air conditioning. Indulge in some cocktails, then splurge on some Texas beef, after breakfast. Throw in some towers. Oh, and did we mention . . . beer? ♣ Recognize this Vanishing Austin icon?   BUY A PRINT: Choose from 99+ Vanishing Austin prints and a... Continue Reading →

Yes, it does. As noted in What's Vanished Since 2004, some of Austin's best treasures have gone missing since I began my Vanishing Austin photo series that spring. It was Las Manitas on Congress Avenue that vanished in a truly public way, and marked the first time Austin's sleepy citizens roused themselves to fight a corporate invasion that... Continue Reading →

What’s Vanished Since 2004?

A lot of Austin has gone missing since I began my Vanishing Austin photo series in the spring of 2004. For one reason or another—losing their leases, making way for condos, hotels, chains and new buildings, relocating for cheaper rents, gentrification, new urbanism trends, losing a long-time customer base, or owners just being plain tired... Continue Reading →

What Does It Take To Vanish?

It takes a certain knack to make the Vanishing Austin list and actually do the unthinkable—Vanish. That’s what Little City did on May 13, 2011, after 18 years on Congress Avenue as an original, independent, Austin-style coffee house. Only by necessity, though, when it found itself homeless after the historic building at 916 Congress Avenue... Continue Reading →

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