A Summer Invitation

— There is nothing as inviting as a languid, limpid pool of cool blue water on a hot summer day. — ORDER A PRINT of Blue Pool by Jann Alexander and visit AustinDetailsArt.com for more fine art photography and paintings. RELATED ARTICLES Truly in Hues of Blue (VanishingAustin.me) Cool, Clear Water (YouTube.com) Daily Prompt: Water

Blue is the color of summer in Austin. Blue skies. Blue pools. Blue lakes. Blue neon. Blue tattoos. Blue is happy. Blue is what I see every time I go out with my camera in Austin. If you love blue and live in Austin, you're in luck. Austin has a lot of Blues: True Blue Tattoos  (above,... Continue Reading →

How Does Austin Beat the Heat?

Sunny and 102°?!  How to Beat the Heat? How else—with frog legs, fried pies and air conditioning. Indulge in some cocktails, then splurge on some Texas beef, after breakfast. Throw in some towers. Oh, and did we mention . . . beer? ♣ Recognize this Vanishing Austin icon?   BUY A PRINT: Choose from 99+ Vanishing Austin prints and a... Continue Reading →

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