A Mirror Image Made Painterly

How I made a scene turn painterly with brushstrokes of color and light using a wobbly river for a canvas.

While We’re On The Subject Of Details…

Your camera must always be ready to take in what your eyes can't. But since it helps to be ready at the right time, here are three tips.

15 Things Learned From 1440 Miles of Texas In Six Days

There are miles and miles of Texas that include bugs, glamour, bison and treasures, to name just a few things.

That’s What I Like About Texas

When you get off the beaten path, Texas shows you its hidden treasures.

Boundaries That Are Designed To Overcome

Some boundaries demand us to push beyond them; in Scenic, South Dakota, it took awhile.

A Town That Knows How to Get Lit

New Orleans turned on its Christmas light show, and I turned on my iPhone. So did others.

A Shoe Shine in New Orleans, Two Bits?

You can find a seasoned shoe shine man in Jackson Square to shine your shoes and tell some tales.

A Dreamy Dawn on The Sea of Cortez

The dawn light yields some ethereal images in the Mexico Baja.

A Contrast Between Life and Death

Photography excels at capturing contrasts—between dark and light, shadow and bright, death and life.

Why I Can’t Resist a Window

Windows and doors are irresistible to me. They offer enough symbolism to crank up anyone’s creative engine.

Letters from the Past, in Upstate New York

When it's golden time, the choice may come down to nature v. man. Give me a ghost sign, a shiny neon sign and an old diner, and I'll visit the lake next time.

When in Doubt, I Hit the Road

When you're in a creative drought, just hit the road. Literally or virtually, you can juice your creative flow and find new ways of looking at old things.

It Was Beautiful That Afternoon

A summer cycling trip through Idaho, approaching the Grand Tetons, led to a beautiful afternoon, and later became inspiration for a painting. Related articles Grand Teton, wonder and frustration (nomad-dream.org) Fine Art Photographs and Paintings by Jann Alexander (austindetailsart.com)

"If you don't know where you're going, you might not get there." —Yogi Berra Being prompted by a WordPress Daily Prompt, State of Your Year, is a great way to start a regular habit: assessing where you're at mid-way through the year, or at any time that's right for you. Why assess where you're at? Well, just... Continue Reading →

Time Traveling

Time travel right from your own iPad, your desktop or your car. Just get there when you can.

I’d Ride the Zephyr

Give me an old trainyard filled with abandoned cars anyday, and give me an hour to shoot it.

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