How Papa and POTUS Got Their Words Down

Leading authorities trust their words to none other than the Writing-In-Sight typewriter.

45 Quotes to Inspire You

No sense flailing around in a creative vacuum. You can't wait for inspiration—find some here.

What It’s Like

You may be possessed by your paints, or smitten with your characters, but life goes on.

Prescription for a Creative Funk

When you find the creative winds deflating in your sails, try a different tack. Take a time out.

Today’s the Day for Small Acts of Compassion

What does it mean to be compassionate? Today, more than 1000 voices speak.

How Do You Start What You’re Afraid To?

If you're struggling to get started on your creative passion, you can start where you left off.

Why Your First Novel Will Always Be Your Favorite

How, and why, does the first novel you wrote remain your favorite?

What’s Everyone Got Against Adverbs?

Is your writing adverb-free? I hope not. Here's my case in favor of those lushly descriptive modifiers of verbs.

Making Space for What Counts

Making space for what counts is not so much a resolution as a life goal. Here's how I'm doing it this year.

Time to Tap the Keys

Ready to write? Gonna tap the keys? Before you do, take a look at how it's done.

Knowing When to Stop

Having a framework for writing is almost as important as the writing itself. We can learn from the writing rituals of the great ones.

Blogging Rocked My World—And Showed Me the Greater Good

Unexpectedly, my newfound blogging habit pushed me into more positive territory than the morning news ever could.

Are You Important Enough to Have Writer’s Block?

The sun may set on your creative block, but it will rise again. And because you've stayed committed, you'll be ready to do what you do.

Finding My First Sweet True Love

For me, reading, writing, photography and painting are all intertwined like a tangle of sticky spaghetti.

Focus Only on What You Are Writing Now

Follow the 11 Commandments of Writing and Daily Creative Routine, according to Henry Miller, in 1932.

My Room With a View

My room with a view is dedicated to inspiration for my writing, distraction-free save for my view.

The Best 2014 Buzz Words in a Fable of Our Times

Challenge to Self: Write a short story for our times, using the oddest additions to Webster’s this year, including words I had to look up.

Yes, Ideas Flow from Life—And Also from Inspirational Aids

There’s no doubt that some of our best ideas come when we’re away from the office, in the flow of life. But when we’re stuck at our desks, there are aids to help the flow.

Use All The Colors

As a writer, words are your paint. Here's a quote from Rhys Alexander to remind you to use all the colors.

Are Shelfies The New Selfies?

A shelfie seems like a generous way to share your library of ideas, instead of your silly selfie face. Shelfies also reveal how unique you think your intellect is, but they can show how deep is your soul.

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