Here's my look back to 2004, when I became smitten with Austin, and soon found it vanishing.

Overpowered and Overtowered?

Will the iconic Frost Tower find itself overtowered and overpowered one day by Austin's many taller buildings?

Turning Silver at the Saxon

How does a beloved Austin music icon thrive for 25 years in a city on growth steroids?

Back By Popular Demand

Backed by a new band, The Towering Cranes, Austin's most beloved icon appears daily on the shore of Lady Bird Lake.

When All of the Stars Align

What does it mean to a photographer when all of the stars align?

So Many Signs, So Little Time

Life gets a lot more interesting when you try to make sense of all of the signs.

Landmarks We Have Loved and Lost

Take a tour of the Austin landmarks we've loved and lost (but not forgotten).

We Are The Champions!

Honor Austin's unique spirit and view a slideshow of our many longtime survivors. Hail to our champions!

You’ll Always Have Choices

Life is all about choices, and there's one area in which you'll only have two. Unless you have three.

All the Signs Pointed Me in One Direction

Sometimes you have to look to signs to see the sign you were meant to see.

Thriving in Austin Requires Dogged Endurance

Surviving as a local landmark in a city where development is on steroids takes a special quality.

Remnants of the Pretty People

What’s leftover after the pretty people have gone? A Wordless Wednesday response without words.

You Say You Want an Evolution?

The evolution of Austin, Texas has been swift. Or has it been a revolution?

If It’s Wednesday, It Must Be Wordless

If it’s Wednesday, it’s wordless. Those are the rules. God Bless Johnny Cash, who was never wordless in his life.

It’s Useless to Resist These Relics. And Why Would You?

With a bit of exploring and imagination, you can uncover something of the history of these deco relics.

An Austin Tradition Arrives Home

Cherishing our beloved Austin, Texas landmarks: How Vanishing Austin moves on and lands at its true home, here.

It’s All About Your Perspective

In Austin, Texas, we take our local landmarks seriously, and our city ordinances decree that new high-rise condos must not exceed the height of our beloved homegrown businesses.

"Remember the Alamo!" If you're leading a charge against a conquering army with but a ragtag rebel force, you can rally your troops with this trusty, time-tested cry. Remember the Alamo? Not the one that began its life in San Antonio, Texas, and was made famous by a battle on this day in 1836, but the... Continue Reading →

The Inescapable Frost Tower

Is the Frost Bank Tower stalking you? It follows you all around downtown Austin and appears magically in this series of photos of downtown Austin.

The Broken Spoke, one of the definitive Texas dance halls, is disguised in a rustic dark red building on South Lamar and now completely enveloped by new upscale development.

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