Surprise Someone on Wordless Wednesday . . .

Write a few words on Wordless Wednesday and surprise someone with a handwritten note—yours.

So Simple, So Sweet, It Needs No Words

Just one simple, sweet photograph that necessarily speaks for itself.

City Reflections, Upsidedown and Wet

It's not easy to grasp the meaning in every reflection. Recognize this one?

Just One Word on Wordless Wednesday

What more can you say but yellow? Turns out, there’s a lot more. But it’s Wordless Wednesday.

Remnants of the Pretty People

What’s leftover after the pretty people have gone? A Wordless Wednesday response without words.

If It’s Wednesday, It Must Be Wordless

If it’s Wednesday, it’s wordless. Those are the rules. God Bless Johnny Cash, who was never wordless in his life.

A life lost, a photograph found but words, not. Some days are just that: wordless.

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