Finding Satisfaction in the Last Shot on the Last Day

Being on the water in Maine taught me that the most unexpected things are the ones that bring lasting satisfaction.

Where Inspiration Lies, Motivation Lurks

Inspiration is everywhere. But motivation has a misunderstood, trickier aspect to it.

Rewards on A Rainy Day in the Maine Woods

Looking closely at what’s not so obvious always rewards the observer.

Five Days, Five Lobster Rolls

Heading to Maine? My recommendation is to eat a lobster roll a day—I did. Reviews follow.

My Maine Muse

A view that never fails to astonish and a willing subject floats my boat each July.

Lost and Found Treasures

How does discovery reward the disorganized mind? With bounty and sweetness.

A Monochrome Moment on a Gray Day

"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary." So said Aaron Rose, and it applies to gray days, too.

Mirror Images

Take time for a series of mirror images from quiet waters with reflective quotes to accompany them.

Color Gone Wild in Maine

Making the most of a short summer, Maine's wildflowers erupt in a riot of vivid color.

How to Develop the Fine Art of Listening

You use your iPhone for listening every day, but have you ever used its camera to really listen?

Shimmering in the Late Sun

Shimmering in the late afternoon sun, these river birches whispered in collusion and begged for a photo.

Confined and Defined by Daily Rituals

Isn't everyone confined, and defined, by daily rituals? Consider the lobstermen. And the lobsters they trap.

Stumbling Into Past and Present

Looking for something to photograph along a hidden trail in coastal Maine, I stumbled back to a past that was still present.

Putting Contrast to Work with Your iPhone

The iPhone 5s makes a fantastic camera, especially when it’s the only one you’ve got, with an assist from Snapseed.

A Meaningful Contrast on the Wharf

Contrasts are frequently meaningful; but in the case of lobster traps on a Maine wharf, that depends.

When Serendipity Makes Your Shot an Image

When you expected the unexpected, serendipity can become your photographic assistant.

How Collecting Art Is Also Collecting Stories—Yours

What does a photograph mean to me? To you? Photographs, like all art, elicit our emotions and our reactions, and the connections that we make with them. What touches me (because it has the value of my experience) may not be what moves the collector (you), who'll be living with the art every day. When... Continue Reading →

Pearls of Wisdom, in Cursive

One thing leads to another on a hunt for a lobster roll in Maine—where you can find pearls before lobster and study the lost art of cursive, too.

Visit a place where the sky meets the horizon in Maine.

Have Some Art with That Wine?

Painters and photographers alike have long been smitten with wine as subject and muse.

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